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My Pilates sessions teach you to move naturally using your body and mind to perform fundamental Pilates movements from beginner through advanced levels.

Unlike the instructor-directed experience you’ll find in most Pilates studios, I’ll help you understand how to move naturally—the way you once did. You’ll gain core strength and flexibility so you can function optimally.

As we build the student/teacher relationship, I’ll help you remember what natural movement is like. These movements are already in you and have been since childhood. You’ve just forgotten them. The goal of our work together is for you to become your own self-directed teacher.

Can you imagine experiencing the world as a big sandbox given for us to play in like we did as children? As we play, we can also open ourselves to the exploration of our edges, always creating new adventures of self-exploration as we let go of old, outdated beliefs about ourselves.

~ Judith Annette Milburn

Pilates Upper West Side NYC

Mat work teaches your body independence and coordination without the use of springs. You learn to use your own strength and your own inner springs.

Anyone can do mat work. Pilates mat work is suitable for all practitioners regardless of their age, flexibility, and ability coming into it. Pilates is a tool to educate the body to have better posture and move in a more efficient way, and is best for those who strive to function at an optimal level, pain-free.  Pilates is for those who seek balance in life, wanting to change their lives for the better by enhancing the mind while strengthening the body.


Upper West Side PilatesPrivate instruction is the ideal way to get the most out of your Pilates practice. Sessions are 60 minutes and take place in your home or your apartment building’s gym. During this time, I will work with you one-on-one to deepen your understanding of Pilates as well as the natural way your body is meant to move.

I will guide you through the mat routine and teach you proper breathing, movement, and awareness. My Private Pilates sessions are focused on you. We will work with your body alone, use props, or utilize a blend of both to add a whole new dimension of resistance, stability, and balance to traditional Pilates mat exercises. These services are available on the Upper West Side and throughout Manhattan.

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Upper West Side NYC PilatesIf you want to bring one or two friends along for the Pilates journey, I offer semi-private sessions that allow you to enjoy the benefits of private instruction while splitting the cost with friends. Working with a partner provides accountability and motivation, and it can be fun to reach your fitness goals with a spouse, friend, or roommate. These services are available on the Upper West Side and throughout Manhattan.

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Mat Class

Pilates Classes Upper West Side UWSIf you’re looking for a way to bring a fun new community activity to your residence, consider starting a Pilates mat class at your residence or workplace. A mat class is an ideal building amenity for residents. In the workplace, a mat class can be a fun alternative health benefit that relieves stress and promotes workplace satisfaction.

Call me for details in setting up a class today! These services are available on the Upper West Side and throughout Manhattan.

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