Pilates Props

Pilates and Props.  Add magic or have a ball! Pilates Mat work gets even better when props are incorporated into the workout. Props will help modify an exercise to make it more doable, add a challenge by making an exercise more difficult or spice up your mat workout with variety.

It is important to keep in mind even when using props that the real effort for the exercise comes from within your own body. The prop is merely a tool it should not take over the exercise. At all times while performing a Pilates exercise do not lose sight of your body mind connection. The emphasis is in making the body stronger and more flexible. Props or Pilates equipment will help you get there.

Popular Pilates Props

The Thera Band creates resistance and has been used for years in rehabilitation

The Fitness balls will help you connect to your abs or feel those hamstrings.

The free weights for tank top arms

The Foam Roller will help you release the tension of your day or challenge your stability

The Magic Circle offers gentle to moderate resistance to an exercise and will do its magic with your inner & outer thighs

The Pilates Arc/Spine Corrector the goal is to enjoy the health benefits of a fit, flexible, and supple spine that moves freely in all directions.


Pilates Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates system.

Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time viewing the whole body holistically.  In his own words, “The Pilates method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”


Pilates Body NYC is the Upper West Side Pilates studio that comes to you wherever you are for unsurpassed personal mat work. We will be by your side to help you achieve any health or fitness goal. You supply your body we supply the rest. Fitness made convenient!

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