The Joys of Private Pilates Lessons

The Joys of Private Pilates Lessons


You’ve decided to do something good for yourself by exploring the health and lifestyle benefits of Pilates.  While it is widely known that this respected exercise system does wonders for flexibility, strength, endurance, and overall well-being, the dilemma most Pilates novices initially face is where to start – in short, whether to sign up for private or group instruction. Depending on your goals, circumstances and preferences, both offer their own advantages. But in the final analysis, the difference between them is clear: private Pilates lessons are always the better option. Not only are they a great way to indulge yourself a bit, they also maximize the wonderful rewards Pilates can deliver.

Learn The Fundamentals With Individualized Attention

Because the fundamentals of Pilates are rooted in precision, mastering its finely-tuned postures and practices – not to mention its terminology – can be challenging.  As a result, one-on-one tutorials between teacher and student are generally advised to ensure that classic Pilates movements are learned and executed correctly. Let’s face it: in a group class, proper instruction is nearly impossible to achieve.  No matter how hard she tries to share equal time with each pupil, a teacher who facilitates group classes must divide her attention among multiple students, and do so within a fairly limited time frame. This scenario is destined to compromise the integrity of the instruction and, by extension, lessen its benefits.  So for the serious student, group classes basically defeat the purpose behind studying Pilates in the first place.

Private Attention

Along with imparting proper technique, another important advantage to taking private Pilates lessons is proceeding at a pace that meets your particular needs. When instructing a group class, a teacher must implement a pace that serves a broad spectrum of students regardless of their individual levels of proficiency. This can be daunting for beginners and frustrating for others who are more advanced. Unlike group classes, private lessons are paced in alignment with each student’s personal goals and abilities. This particular advantage has a positive domino effect: instructors can optimize the objectives of each specific session, which, in turn, allows students to feel and see results more quickly. And, as we can all attest, real results have a way of inspiring the perfect dose of motivation needed to stick with an exercise regimen long term.

We’ve covered some of the ways private lessons are preferable to groups from an instructional vantage point, but there’s another key benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked – convenience!  Group classes are normally scheduled according to both the instructor’s availability as well as access to the venue or studio where the classes will be held.  Once you sign on for a prescheduled block of sessions, you’re basically locked in. Translation: you won’t get the best return on your investment if you miss a class or two.  Conversely, private lessons offer the teacher and the student flexibility should life throw either of them an unexpected curve.  Sessions can easily be rescheduled at the convenience of both parties, and investments of time and money remain secure.

Pricing For Private Pilates Sessions

Last, let’s address the subject of price. Although private Pilates lessons are generally more expensive than group classes, they are well worth the extra cost when you consider all that you’ll receive in return.

Private sessions deliver undivided instructional attention, individually designed lessons, personalized pace, and heightened time flexibility. They are also taught by highly trained Pilates instructors who, as opposed to the personal trainers who often teach group Pilates classes at gyms and fitness centers, have undergone robust training to acquire and maintain their professional certification. The quality of coaching you’ll receive from a certified instructor is, simply put, in a league of its own.

So if you are mildly curious about Pilates, but more interested in finding a cost-effective exercise class that offers camaraderie and social interaction, a group scenario might be right for you.  But if you genuinely wish to learn Pilates the right way – a way that can enhance your health, expand your horizons, increase your confidence and last you a lifetime – make the investment in private lessons.  You’ll find that the benefits are worth their weight in gold.

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