Fix Your Posture with Pilates: Help for “Computer Heads”

Fix Your Posture with Pilates: Help for “Computer Heads”

Do you have a computer head? No, I’m not asking if your head is a piece of electronic equipment. What I mean is does your head lean forward when you sit or stand? This condition—known as forward head posture—is typical of people who work at computers for many hours each day. So, what can you do to fix your posture? Try Pilates!

First, look in the mirror to see if you are, in fact a “computer head.” Are your ears directly over your shoulders? They should be. But there’s a good chance, if you’re like many people with desk jobs, that your ears are forward of your shoulders. If they are forward, you are officially a “computer head.” And this is really not a club you want to be in.

How Did You Become a Computer Head?

I probably don’t have to tell you that our ancestors were not computer heads. They did not sit at desks. Rather, they moved—a lot! We no longer move like our ancestors. We sit on our asses. And we pay the price.

Computer head syndrome can become an especially serious problem if you have a stressful job. You may find yourself hunched, clenched and tense as you work out problems and try to meet deadlines. Is this you? Don’t despair. Computer heads can be corrected. I’ll give you some tips to help you fix your posture. But first, let’s look at why you need to do it.

Why You Don’t Want to Be a Computer Head

Computer head syndrome goes beyond the forward position of your head. If you’re a victim of the syndrome, you probably also have hunched, rounded shoulders, and your tailbone is tucked under. This may not sound so alarming, but the truth is you’re inviting back pain with this posture. You’re also inviting headaches, neck pain, arm or hand numbness, and pinched nerves.

We weren’t meant to sit for long periods of time—certainly nowhere near the amount of time that we modern humans sit—but a majority of us spend at least five or more hours a day sitting. You want to fix your posture because if you don’t, your muscles will become shorter and tighter. This results in all kinds of aches and pains.

How to Fix Your Posture if You’re a Computer Head

Here’s a simple tip: stand up. Do some light stretches at your work station. Better yet, get up and go outside for some fresh air. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. (Yes, I know, you have a lot to do. But wouldn’t you rather stay pain-free and healthy enough to continue doing it?)

These simple tips—getting up and moving more—may be your saving grace. But perhaps you need more help and want to know what kind of exercise program is best to fix your posture. As I suggested, Pilates is a great antidote to poor posture, because its central principle is development of a strong core. It’s those core muscles that move your torso, pelvis, and spine, so a strong core gives you a more aligned and flexible spine. When your core is strong enough to hold your entire body upright, your shoulders can relax, and your head and neck are free to move. A strong core also takes pressure off the hips, legs, and feet.

So, if you’re suffering from computer head syndrome, consider starting a Pilates practice. It will fix your posture and then some! And if you work with an office full of computer heads, you can even schedule classes right in your workplace.

Make Pilates a Part of Your Life

Make Pilates a part of your life as it will be a decision that your body will thank you for!

I’m going to tell you why making Pilates a part of your life is a good choice. Practicing Pilates on a regular basis will not only tone your whole body, build stronger core muscles but will also keep your body better aligned.

Why is alignment important? If your body is out of alignment you are putting pressure on your joints, muscles and ligaments which can then lead to strain and discomfort of your body. Are you suffering from lower back or neck pain? Being out of alignment is probably the reason or certainly a strong contributing factor. As you age being out of alignment can lead to degenerative issues and perhaps even arthritis. I’m sure we all agree that living in pain is no fun.

So why not do something about it?

Pilates will give you better body awareness. With this awareness comes the ability to take better care of your body in the way that it needs. Strengthen what needs strengthening and stretching what needs more flexibility. With this awareness also comes the ability to bring more balance to your body.

Pilates Body NYC specializes in Private training. The sessions are for you, all about you and what your body needs. No two bodies are the same so no two sessions are the same.

Please read the most recent review on the work that we do.

Susan is an outstanding teacher and coach. She gets our strengths and weaknesses and works tirelessly to strengthen, stretch and tone muscles I never knew I had. My body has definitely changed for the better since I started working with Susan. My posture is better, I’m taller and toner overall. Susan is gentle, kind, caring, and demanding. She quickly assed muscles I need to strengthen and stretch and tailored her coaching appropriately. Susan is a knowledgeable coach who will transform your body in partnership with you. ~ Michelle Burger (Google Review)

Pilates Body NYC makes Pilates convenient! We come to you wherever you are.

Call today and see why making Pilates a part of your life is a very good choice.

Workplace Posture

Many of us spend much of our day in an office which in turn makes our ‘Workplace Posture’ extra important. How you sit all day will have a direct effect on your body. If you sit incorrectly hour after hour how can you expect to stand correctly at the end of the day?! So lets take a look at how your workstation measures up.

Here is a checklist you can use as a guide

♦ Your Chair

Should support your lower back

Your feet should rest firmly on the ground (or footrest) slightly in front of you

♦ Your Monitor

Should be directly in front of you, at an arm’s length distance with your eyes at the same level as the tool bar

♦ Your Mouse

Should be positioned close to you near the edge of the desk

♦ Your Keyboard

Should be centered in front of you and near the edge of the desk

How do you know if you are sitting correctly?

Posture checklist

  • Is your back straight, maintaining all 3 natural curves of your spine
  • Is your weight distributed evenly on both hips
  • Is your head and neck aligned over your shoulders
  • Are you sitting back in your chair; being supported by the seat bac
  • Avoid sitting for long periods of time; get up from your chair often. Take a walk, and stretch.

Have you ever considered an exercise break for lunch?

Pilates which teaches you body awareness and how to move more efficiently can be your perfect answer.  Learn to use your deep core muscles – the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor – which support your posture this will allow your shoulders to relax, your neck and head to move more freely, and will relieve stress on the hips, legs, and feet.


Pilates Body NYC offers Pilates in your Workplace throughout New York City. Bring wellness and balance to your workplace with a Pilates break.

Posture Matters


Do you have lower back pain? Suffer from sciatica? Perhaps you’re in a job where you’re sitting a good part of the day? Is your head forward, ears not over your shoulders? If you just answered yes to any of these questions than you have the first reason why ‘Posture Matters’.

At Pilates Body NYC learning what constitutes good posture is your first lesson. Anterior tilt, Posterior tilt or are you in a natural neutral spine? What does it all mean and why you should care? What muscles are tight, what muscles are weak? You will learn all about ‘your’ body and how Pilates will help you restore a natural neutral spine and bring your body back to balance. Yes, good posture can be a remedy to your pain. A Pilates program will be designed for you.

Benefits of Good Posture:

  • Pain relief throughout your body, including back and neck pain, hip pain, leg & foot pain.
  • Move more efficiently with greater ease
  • Improve your muscle function
  • Increases your range of motion
  • Takes pressure off of compressed organs
  • Improves your circulation
  • Creates a trimmer appearance
  • Radiates confidence


Are you convinced that attention to posture is important? Give us a call 646-382-7911 and schedule an appointment. Your body will thank you.

Pilates Body NYC specializes in Private Pilates Sessions. We are the Upper West Side Studio that comes to you wherever you are. Pilates made convenient!


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