Make Pilates a Part of Your Life

Make Pilates a part of your life as it will be a decision that your body will thank you for!

I’m going to tell you why making Pilates a part of your life is a good choice. Practicing Pilates on a regular basis will not only tone your whole body, build stronger core muscles but will also keep your body better aligned.

Why is alignment important? If your body is out of alignment you are putting pressure on your joints, muscles and ligaments which can then lead to strain and discomfort of your body. Are you suffering from lower back or neck pain? Being out of alignment is probably the reason or certainly a strong contributing factor. As you age being out of alignment can lead to degenerative issues and perhaps even arthritis. I’m sure we all agree that living in pain is no fun.

So why not do something about it?

Pilates will give you better body awareness. With this awareness comes the ability to take better care of your body in the way that it needs. Strengthen what needs strengthening and stretching what needs more flexibility. With this awareness also comes the ability to bring more balance to your body.

Pilates Body NYC specializes in Private training. The sessions are for you, all about you and what your body needs. No two bodies are the same so no two sessions are the same.

Please read the most recent review on the work that we do.

Susan is an outstanding teacher and coach. She gets our strengths and weaknesses and works tirelessly to strengthen, stretch and tone muscles I never knew I had. My body has definitely changed for the better since I started working with Susan. My posture is better, I’m taller and toner overall. Susan is gentle, kind, caring, and demanding. She quickly assed muscles I need to strengthen and stretch and tailored her coaching appropriately. Susan is a knowledgeable coach who will transform your body in partnership with you. ~ Michelle Burger (Google Review)

Pilates Body NYC makes Pilates convenient! We come to you wherever you are.

Call today and see why making Pilates a part of your life is a very good choice.

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