The following review is from my client Babette, who has studied with me for the last five years. Thank you, Babette!

Many years ago, I tried Pilates but found it difficult. Because of that experience, I didn’t try it again for quite a while. The idea that Pilates is enjoyable for anyone never crossed my mind. But five years ago, I learned from other students about Susan Sommers, who offers private and semi-private Pilates instruction in my building in Manhattan. I decided to try Pilates again.

When I began taking Pilates classes with Susan, I didn’t have anything specific to work on. I just wanted to improve general fitness, strength, and flexibility. At first, I really had to push myself, though, and I’m glad I did. Thanks to Susan’s attention, I learned that with consistent effort, results do come. Now I know Pilates is enjoyable, and I’ve come to appreciate its benefits for the entire body!

I began a once-per-week practice, and saw results very quickly. I gained strength, and in a relatively short time could do some of the exercises more easily or without a lot of modification. Five years later, I’m still improving.

Pilates is Enjoyable!

I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy Pilates. I had always viewed it as a struggle or too hard, particularly the mat classes.  But now I enjoy a lot of the exercises, even the ones that are still challenging for me.

I was a competitive ballroom dancer for many years and have had dance training since childhood, so movement isn’t something new to me. Still, I had the idea that Pilates is hard and thought there would be too much focus on abdominal work. What I learned is that Pilates is a full-body approach to fitness. My attitude toward the exercises has changed from something to resist to something I can enjoy.

In addition to the physical, I appreciate the focus on mindfulness in Pilates. As a form of mindful movement, Pilates certainly helps with body awareness. I have always pursued this kind of thing, and I bring mindfulness to my Pilates practice as well.

Pilates with Susan Stands Apart from Group Classes

I take semi-private classes with Susan and appreciate having a more intimate setting to work in. I’ve attended group classes in the past, but now I have more opportunity to focus on getting the form right. I have the individual attention to help me see where I can improve.

Susan’s teaching style works so well because she is accommodating to students’ various needs and limitations. I always enjoy her friendly and warm nature. I love seeing myself improve at Pilates over time and observing myself gain strength and flexibility. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment, especially as I get older.

Since I’m not very flexible, it took a while before I could sit easily and do certain exercises confidently. Now that I’ve had the experience of working with Susan and seeing positive results, I want to continue the upward trajectory and can feel comfortable and confident with the full Pilates program.  Before I met Susan and began working with her, I would not have thought this was possible!

About Susan Sommers

Hi, I’m Susan Sommers. I’m a native New Yorker, living on the Upper West Side. Pilates Body NYC provides private in-home Pilates instruction, focusing on mindful movement that enables you to reconnect with your body. My mantra is fitness is achieved one thought, one step, and one day at a time. It is a commitment you make to yourself to treat yourself right and give your body what it needs as you age. I believe that Pilates is much more than exercise. I practice it as a way of life that brings strength, awareness, and mindfulness to everything I do. My wish is to help you experience the same.
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