Stan Cohen

Stan Cohen

I’m Stan Cohen, founder of ChiForLiving.  Most folks think I am a Tai Chi instructor. I view myself more as a guide. The path I teach is rooted in Tai Chi however it flows into movement for everyday living which my students seems to grasp and enjoy.





Feeling Safe

The last few weeks have been very eye opening for me.

As an instructor, sensei, teacher, guide or whatever folks choose to call me, I always have the same approach in classes.

My focus has been on helping the participants improve their balance and movement capabilities.  Little did I know that there was a level of balance that I was soon to be made aware of.

Like I mentioned in many other posts, the benefits of Tai Chi for aging are widely known and the awareness of it is ever growing.  I teach my own version of this art form, which I have been refining over the years and really making it my own.

What I have found recently in feedback from a few women is that there is something else, unrelated to balance, but directly related to safety that they get from my classes.

It seems that a few of the women, all from different classes that I teach have come from a history of abuse. In speaking with them, the overall effect from the slow movement, internalizing the principals and applying them has helped them regain part of the life that was lost in the abuse.  Some of what they found were:

  • Control over their movement
  • Confidence in their capabilities
  • Awareness of their bodies as an integrated unit
  • Appreciation of themselves (pride & self worth)
  • And a few other aspects of personal  growth

And these are not young women.  These are women 60 and above who are finding great relief which is an benefit I would never have guessed at. I can only assume that women of all ages with a similar background would find similar effects.

On the upside for me,  they also say the way I teach is also directly related to the feeling of safety, of being welcomed and being cared for that has helped them find themselves through this form of movement exercise.

Like I tell my students,  what I teach is a whole person fitness modality. It seems for these women it helped redevelop a mental and physical connection that has long been needed.

For me, I am thrilled that I am able to help with healing on this level!


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