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I provide private in-home Pilates instruction and work with my students to teach mindful movement and body mastery.  

As an experienced Pilates instructor in Manhattan, I provide an experience that you can’t get in a studio. I bring a tailored fitness regimen right into your home by focusing on your individual needs and skill level.

I make the experience all about you and your journey as you learn the Pilates Method and grow towards better health.  As we build the student/teacher relationship, you will learn postural awareness and mindful movement while developing your core strength and a greater range of motion.

In-home Pilates instruction is a good fit for anyone who is ready to commit to a lifestyle of fitness and mindfulness, and would benefit from personal instruction in a comfortable setting.

During our session, I teach you how to be conscious of your body and the way it moves and works. When the session is over, you take that awareness with you and use it to improve your posture and flexibility in everything you do. You can benefit from postural awareness and greater core strength while you walk your dog, drive to work, sit at a desk, practice a sport, or run errands. It is a power that is yours to keep.

The intimate environment of a private in-home Pilates session allows me to understand your progress as a student, and provide you with exactly what you need to keep moving forward.

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